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Lushan County Industrial Centralization Zone

Feixian Pass Scenic Area is located in the northeast of Ya'an City, about 11km from downtown Ya'an in the east, 17km from Lushan County Town in the north and 21km from Tianquan County Town in the west. Enjoying the name of the First Throat of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, it is the first pass of Sichuan-Tibet Highway G318, an essential link of the western Sichuan tourism circle, and an important node on the Sichuan-Tibet Culture Corridor, Ancient Tea-Horse Road and Southern Silk Road. After "4·20" Lushan Earthquake, with the concept of "combination of culture and tourism, unity of county and village and integration of city and industry" and highlighting on overall upgrading strategy, the scenic area launched post-disaster reconstruction planning based on the urban construction, Official Tea-Horse Road, Erlang Ancient Temple and Nantian New Town constructions to build a national demonstration zone of integrated development of ecological and cultural tourism that integrates ecological tourism, rural recreation, leisurely ancient town, cultural experience and health preservation and a high-quality tourist destination on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway.

Yaqi Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in the Park

Following the concepts of green and low-carbon, appropriate advance, high-end oriented and integration of industry and city, Lushan County has put efforts in constructing the industry system of "1+1+N" with emphasis on modern light textile, food processing, biological medicine and hardware. At present, there are 60 enterprises in the park, of which 48 are enterprises above the designated size (16 textile enterprises), providing about 9,500 jobs and generating operating revenue of RMB 4.8 billion and tax of RMB 81 million in the first three quarters in 2018. In 2016, the Industrial Centralization Zone was successfully upgraded into Sichuan Textile & Hardware Industrial Base and Small Enterprise Demonstration Base.

Jinyuan Shoes Culture Museum in the Park

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