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Hanjiang Ancient City Scenic Area, 31km away from Ya'an and 156km away from Chengdu, is located in Lushan County known as the "Provincial Historical and Cultural City in Sichuan" and "Hometown of Cultural Relics of Han Dynasty". It is situated in the political, economic, cultural and commercial center of Lushan County and is an essential part of the Lesser Western Circle and Western Tourism Circle of Xiling Snow Mountain -- Qingcheng Mountain Tourism Belt. The scenic area is featured by the abundance in hydroenergy, animal resources and plant variety and the integration of diversified cultures including ancient Qiang culture, Three Kingdoms Culture of Kingdom Shu, ebony root carving culture, religious culture, patriotism culture and folk culture accumulated in the long history. After "4·20" Lushan Earthquake, the scenic area launched the post-disaster reconstruction planning to build the area into not only a tourist destination but also a polar nuclei of all-for-one tourism, tourism support center and tourism distribution center of Western Circle.

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